New Project: Hostel Construction

Rev. Santhosh and his wife Sheela wished to do even more to help the disadvantaged people in the area where they live. Along with the dedicated work, progress and success they have already achieved with the emersion of the school in the local community, they made plans to construct a Hostel. This will enable disabled children to obtain specialist care and provide respite for the families of these children who already work so hard.

Building work on the Hostel began in June 2011. Considerable progress has already been made, however, it is sill not ready. Now about Rs 1,50,000 (1755) is needed for the completion of our Hostel construction. Please kindly help us to achieve our goal by donating

Within only two months, work on the Hostel progressed considerably.

  • Space will be available for beds/cots for respite care for children with disabilities, and staff/volunteers room will become available. Plans for a sensory room for the children are being developed.
  • It is hoped that the Hostel will accommodate around 10 children, 5 caretakers and 1 Warden
  • Once the Hostel has been completed, it is estimated that it will cost around 5000 Rupees (70) per child per month, which will include meals, medication, salaries for the staff


3rd July 2011- Start of work of the hostel when volunteers Katy and Rosie were there

Within only two months, work on the Hostel progressed considerably

19th March 2012: nearing completion.